DIY Writer Podcast

Katherine Wibell #118

June 24, 2021

About Katherine Wibell

I am now a full-time writer and artist. Staying true to who I am, my reverse-glass paintings, especially those using recycled windows from Hurricane Katrina, feature an array of domestic and wild animals often with a New Orleans theme. Envision squirrels playing with Mardi Gras beads flung into a tree, or my dog, Alli, with a chef’s hat quizzically studying the fixin’s for a crayfish boil. Commissions include everything from pet portraits to swamp gators! Better yet, check out my website at or visit Zelé, Pollack Glass Studio & Gallery and/or RHINO Contemporary Crafts Co. on Magazine Street if you visit the Crescent City.

Most importantly, I have focused my time on getting The Incarn Saga published. You can purchase Issaura’s Claws, Ullr's Fangs, Crocotta's Hackles and Giahem's Talons through Amazon and Kindle.

The Incarn Saga is a young adult fantasy series inspired by ancient myths, filled with fast-paced action and adventure, and enriched by an understanding of animal behavior that defines the shape-shifting Theriomorphs. I hope you enjoy i

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