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The Wild Zombie Lover of Texas KT Wilder #96

April 13, 2021

KT Wilder’s first book is Between Worlds (Legend of the Starbreather Book 1). We get into the book and also life in Texas during the worst winter storm in years. Trigger warning…we are talking about a fictional virus. If that bothers you, listen to it anyway, it’s pretty cool cause we have Zombies! We also talk about horses and the role they play in KT’s life. Awesome interview with an awesome author.


About KT Wilder

I've been writing and creating since as far back as I could remember. Fantasy and the paranormal have interested me since the beginning. Writing has always been an escape, a way to process life and better understand myself. My soul, my ideas, my experiences and my own struggles are reflected in my work. Writing has saved my life in many ways.

I live in central Texas with my wife, four dogs, a bearded dragon and two horses. If I'm not writing, I'm either playing with the horses or working as a Physical Therapist Assistant.

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