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Welcome to the Spooky House with Robert Ottone #94

April 8, 2021

Very cool talk with Robert Ottone about his books, short stories, and his publishing house. Spooky House Press sounds like a wonderful place for the right authors to truly share their art. If you listen to Robert, he has a great deal of passion for the art form of writing and the distribution. I truly hope we get to meet in real life someday and find some creepy place to hang out.

Robert P. Ottone is an author, teacher, and cigar enthusiast from East Islip, NY. He delights in the creepy. He can be found online at, or on Instagram (@RobertOttone). His collections Her Infernal Name & Other Nightmares and People: A Horror Anthology about Love, Loss, Life & Things That Go Bump in the Night are available now wherever books are sold.

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