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Sid Lives! Sidney Williams #111

Sid Lives! Sidney Williams #111

June 23, 2021

Sidney Williams writes page-turning dark fiction and has developed a body of work that includes traditionally published novels from Kensington Books, new works from Crossroad Press and short stories for a variety of magazines and anthologies. Horror great Graham Masterton once said: "Sidney Williams has the ability to conjure the genuine reek of hell." Publisher's Weekly had this to say about Fool's Run: "This thriller-cum-caper will keep readers eagerly turning the pages. Si is sure to win loyal fans for his future adventures."

Sidney also teaches creative writing with a focus on horror, mystery and suspense plus short fiction and contemporary fiction.

Sidney's stories have appeared in publications including Cemetery Dance, Hot Blood: Deadly After Dark, Under the Fang, Quoth the Raven and Love Among the Thorns.

A native of Louisiana, he now resides in Virginia.

Visit Sidney online at Facebook: Twitter: @Sidney_Williams Instagram:

Lou Rera #110

Lou Rera #110

June 21, 2021

About Lou Rera

Lou Rera's latest book is a collection of thirteen short stories titled: AWAKE: Tales of Terror (May 2020) by NightWriter Publishing. His first novel SIGN, published by Mirador in the UK for worldwide distribution (June 2014). SIGN is a supernatural thriller of deception and murder. In 2008, Rera published a collection of flash fiction stories titled, There are no doors on a cocoon. His fiction has been published in anthologies and numerous print and online publications.

Lou Rera is a retired Associate Professor in Communication at SUNY Buffalo State, Buffalo, New York. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA), Just Buffalo Literary Center, and IMDB.

Tiffani Collins #108

Tiffani Collins #108

June 21, 2021

About Tiffani

My name is Tiffani Collins and I am the author of the epic fantasy series The Traveler’s Journal, which chronicles the adventures of Danny North Star and Alice Sinclair as they navigate the perils of the related worlds.

And, yes!

I am writing this author’s bio in first-person narrative. Talking about myself in the third-person just always seems so weird. Besides, I’m an Aquarius. We pride ourselves on being individuals and thumbing our noses at the status quo.

So, to all of you traditionalists out there – cope! 🙂

Anyway, back to talking about me, which is the whole point of an author’s bio, right?

The first story I can remember writing down was for an eighth-grade English project. I must have enjoyed myself because I turned right around and began writing in the online collaborative writing community of Sanctuary my freshman year of high school in 1997, which is where Danny hails from. I wrote with my lovely Sanctuary friends all through my high school years, only leaving once I started college to become a Registered Veterinary Technician.

That’s not to say that I stopped writing entirely. Danny and her complicated saga may have had to take a backseat for a few years when I started working at a vet clinic part time while attending school full time, but I thought I could still squeeze in a short story, which is how Nící VinLíena was born.

Short story… Ha!

Nothing I do is ever short or simple!

Nící’s story became a 300+ page book, for which I did a ton of research. That might sound like I slogged through a bunch of dry text books – and, admittedly, some of it was a bit tedious – but much of the homework I set for myself was actually a lot of fun! I decided that if I was going to write a cast of characters who were exceptional martial artists, then I’d better learn martial arts myself.

So, I started practicing Tai Kwon Do and earned my black belt. Nící is a master fiddler – so, I learned to play the violin… but not nearly as well as her! She’s also a healer, which dovetailed very nicely with all of the course work I was doing for my RVT license, and which I supplemented with herbal and traditional medicine research. I now have a nice collection of books on how to brew plants and herbs into infusions and decoctions, make ointments, and steep tinctures. Incidentally, I also have a very cool reference book on how to poison people in dozens of ways and get away with it. Mwa-ha-ha-ha! But I’m not just a writer.

I have a boat-load of other interests. I love spending weekends at Renaissance Faires, Celtic Music Festivals, Scottish Games, and the Great Charles Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco where I do some really fantastic hair braiding, if I say so myself! I like to do crafts and artwork, mostly in color pencil but I dabble in other media, including quilting.

I love games; video games, board games, card games, word games, solitaire games, you name it.

I was forced to learn Cribbage from an early age (because my math skills have always sucked) and grew to actually enjoy the game for its own sake. But no one outside of fair ever plays with me these days, so I’ve learned to play Magic the Gathering in recent years since that’s what my friends all play. I’ve also gotten into Skyrim during the Covid years. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. As of 2021, Skyrim is ten years old and ancient history as video games go, but it’s new to me and I am thoroughly enjoying my awesome Level 52, sneaky, thieving, backstabbing Kajiit version of Danny, glitches and all! Let’s see, what else is there to know about me…?

I love to laugh and read, and any books I read that make me laugh brings me double the joy. I love listening to music, which is actually kind of a bummer because I’m hearing impaired and it’s not like your hearing improves as you get older. So, I’m learning ASL in case I end up needing it later down the road and cranking up the volume on Lindsay Sterling in the meantime. Thank God my car has great speakers!

I know how to ride horses, wrestle Rottweilers, and wrangle demonic cats, but those last two skills don’t get much use these days since I’m retired from the Veterinary world. Now, I mostly shuffle books around and help Placer County Library patrons find their next favorite read. Working in a library is a pretty awesome day-job for a fantasy fiction author, let me tell you! And that’s about it, I guess. If there’s anything else you simply must know about me, you can always drop me a line here through my website. I’m really not shy and I’d love to hear from you!

Madilyn Dale #109

Madilyn Dale #109

June 21, 2021

About Madilynn Dale

Madilynn Dale is an author based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S. She writes fantasy, romance, and paranormal pieces primarily. She spends most of her day with her son, tending to her pets, and writing. Madilynn holds degrees in several areas. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology from Southern Nazarene University, located in Oklahoma. She also has an Associates of Science degree in Physical Therapy Assistant Sciences from Oklahoma City Community College. She is licensed as a Physical Therapy Assistant in Oklahoma and works as a PRN therapist.

Madilynn has enjoyed reading various forms of fiction and the occasional non-fiction story since she began reading as a young girl. Writing seemed to be another piece of this addiction to books, and she embraced it after becoming a mother. Writing is now a piece of her soul to be bared to the world. Madilynn's hobbies, when not writing, include reading, baking, crafting, hiking, and horseback riding. She loves to travel and explore. One day she hopes to expand her travels and see the world, but in the meantime, you will find her working on her next novel. She will most likely have coffee and some form of chocolate with her as she writes.

Madilynn's work can be found at her website She has published work on various sites, including Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Lulu. She can be found on Bookbub and Goodreads. She may also be found on various social media forms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok. Newsletter signup:

A Dark Rock N Roll Fantasy with SL Harby #107

A Dark Rock N Roll Fantasy with SL Harby #107

May 23, 2021

We talk about his new book Shadows of a Dream then dive into the 80’s. A very entertaining conversation with a new author who I think you will love his book!

A child of the 80's, SL Harby grew up playing Dungeons & Dragons and classic video games. An only child, he was bitten early by the reading bug, cutting his teeth on the masters of modern fantasy. His days were spent inside the worlds created by Howard and Lieber, Moorcock and Tolkien.

A perpetual Jersey boy, SL Harby lives in northwestern New Jersey with his wife and muse, Jessica and their bad ass rescue dog, Tellulah.

Visit for fiction, reviews, creator interviews and more!

Check out Impure with Syndie Beuapre #106

Check out Impure with Syndie Beuapre #106

May 22, 2021

Syndie writes Young Adult paranormal urban fantasy AND childrens books. So whether you're feeling Impure or you're not sure and want to read How I'm Feeling, Syndie can cover your needs. LOL.

About Sydnie Beaupré

Sydnie Beaupré is more than just a girl: they're an openly LQBTQ2IA author that lives in their own imagination: a post-apocalyptic, zombie-inhabited world, where magical creatures and supernatural occurrences are simply the mundane. Outside of that, Sydnie can often be found in Montreal, Quebec where they were born and raised - and also where they chose to set their second novel, Such Exquisite Calamity. When they're not struggling to write at least one paragraph a day, you can find them reading the same six books they've been reading for the last two years out of obsession, playing their three stringed violin, or singing very off-key despite being a great singer. And reliably, you can always find Sydnie spending time with their amazing friends and crazy family over a good cup of coffee or tea.

Indigo Travelers with Merri Halma #105

Indigo Travelers with Merri Halma #105

May 22, 2021

Check out Merri's series The Indigo Travelers on Amazon.

About Merri Halma

I enjoy writing, talking with readers, learning new things, and meeting with other writers who want to be published. My husband and family live in Idaho. An avid Doctor Who fan, I dream of being able to time travel and hope one day to go to England to see the wonders of the countryside and visit the city Doctor Who and Torchwood were filmed in. Maybe even chance to see it being filmed and meeting the actors.

What the Hell Nel? with V.S. Holmes #104

What the Hell Nel? with V.S. Holmes #104

May 15, 2021

If you want to talk about a kick butt archaeologist with adventure seeping out of her soul, then V.S. Holmes is the person to talk to. Whether it is her real life experience or the her new book Heretics, you will not be disappointed!

V. S. Holmes is an international bestselling author. They created the REFORGED series and the NEL BENTLY BOOKS. Smoke and Rain, the first book in their fantasy quartet, won New Apple Literary's Excellence in Independent Publishing Award in 2015 and a Literary Titan Gold in 2020. In addition, they have published short fiction in several anthologies.

As a disabled and queer human, they work as an advocate and educator for representation in SFF worlds. When not writing, they work as a contract archaeologist throughout the northeastern U.S. They live in a Tiny House with their spouse, a fellow archaeologist, their not-so-tiny dog, and own too many books for such a small abode.

More Immortal Love with Kayelle Allen 103

More Immortal Love with Kayelle Allen 103

May 13, 2021

Kayelle Allen and DIY Writer...Take 2. Check out her two newest books Ring of the Dragon and Forever Love.

Kayelle Allen writes sci-fi and space opera with misbehaving robots, mythic heroes, role playing immortal gamers, and warriors who purr. She is a US Navy veteran and has been married so long she's tenured.

Visit and join a reader group. You can choose from sci fi only, or sci fi with romance. Both groups get free books, access to member-only perks plus downloadable (and EU legal) memes and banners.











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Alien Abductions with Terry Lovelace DIY Writer #102

Alien Abductions with Terry Lovelace DIY Writer #102

May 10, 2021

Terry Lovelace is a featured speaker at Contact In The Desert. We had a great conversation about his two books and the experiences he has had with alien abduction.

"INCIDENT AT DEVILS DEN, a true story ..." is a book I waited 40 years to publish. It's the true account of a wilderness camping trip a friend and I made in 1977. We were both 22 year-old staff sergeants in the USAF, stationed at a nuclear missile base in Western Missouri. We drove six hours to Devils Den state park to photograph eagles. Instead, we had an encounter with something unimaginable. It changed our lives in ways we could have never imagined.

My enlistment ended in 1979. Using my G.I. Education benefits I finished college and attended law school at Western Michigan. Over the course of my legal career I handled civil litigation and criminal defense cases in private practice. I switched sides to take a job as an Assistant Attorney General for the U.S. Territory of American Samoa. From palm trees in the South Pacific I finished my career working for the State of Vermont as an Assistant Attorney General. l retired in 2011 and moved to Dallas.

Our 1977 misadventure began as a simple two-night camping trip. We drove south from the air base for six hours to Devils Den state park. We avoided the campgrounds in favor of a high bluff in a remote area of the park. We came to photograph eagles and the spot we found was perfect.There was a treeline to our backs and an open meadow in front of us. It was early evening before we set-up camp and by nightfall we were enjoying a nice campfire. We were about to retire to the tent for the evening when my friend noticed three bright stars just above the western horizon. We watched them for a quarter hour and debated what they could be. We were familiar with most kinds of aircraft and there is nothing that has lights in a perfect, tight triangle.

We were abducted from our campsite and subjected to four hours of terror. When they returned us we were both badly burned and suffering from dehydration. Initially, neither of us could clearly recall what happened in a clear narrative. We had bit and pieces of memories. The memories returned as years of screaming nightmares.

I never told a soul about my encounter. My wife and I kept it a secret. It was just between us for 40 years. If my story had leaked out I would have lost both my job and my good name in the legal community. I was at peace with it finally. Until 2012.

Why did I write this now? If I had published this story it would have trashed my good name in the legal community and probably cost me my job. I retired in 2011 and moved to Dallas. A year later I took a bad fall on a stairwell and thought I might have broken my leg. I went to the VA Medical Center in Dallas for an x-ray of my leg. What the radiologist discovered was the catalyst to publish a book.

In October of 2012 I fell and thought I may have broken my leg. We drove to the VA Hospital Emergency Room to be checked-out. What was discovered on the x-rays baffled the doctors. On the first x-ray they found a piece of metal about the size of my fingernail. In the second x-ray there's a flower petal arrangement of of white objects in my calf muscle.

The mystery was two fold. How did this piece of metal that looks like a computer chip and this collection of tiny objects in manage to get an inch and-one-half deep in my thigh and my calf muscle? How did the collection of objects below And, how did it get under my skin without leaving a scar? I had never injured that leg before.


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